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June 2011




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Jun. 9th, 2011

Content Moved.

If you're looking for my old Destiny of the Shrine Maiden / Kannadzuki no Miko recaps you can find them at my other blog: MY STADY.

Blogger has a migration tool but I've been copy-pasting by hand. It's better that way. Yeah, I'm totally tweaking my old posts. For example: I've ALWAYS wanted to post video clips along with these recaps instead of just screenshots. Thanks to Hulu I can attach entire episodes!

Living the dream.

Oct. 27th, 2005

Gallery: King of Fighters Kyo

That's right bitches, THE King of Fighters Kyo/ 320 images in PNG format. That's 8.25 megs of KOF goodness. I don't remember if I ever had the balls to upload these images on the web before. I might have teased a few pictures but I don't think I ever actually uploaded this many pics from the game.

The other thing is, that's not the complete collection. The game itself has over 1000 objects in it for backgrounds and whatnot. In the gallery you'll see the characters in various poses. Well, they also have varying facial expressions in those poses. NO WAY am I going to put all that on the web. I did save that (minutes background objects) to a rar file. I'll probably put that on console hack sometime in the future.

So yeah, I'm not dead. Just busy.

As I told you guys before, this is my home on the web now. So it's not always going to be cartoons. My interests tend to shift and I've clearly taken a break from the cartoon stuff (Boondocks will probably snap me out of it). Now I'm back into console hackery.

I have stuff planned. All in due time.
King of Fighters Kyo

Oct. 18th, 2005

Mai HiME - 21

Plots thickening and whatnot.

Mai HiME - 20

I really didn't see it coming.

Oct. 15th, 2005

Console Hack lives....

I've been busy.


I ASSURE you that these images are exactly the same as the BMP originals. I managed to shrink them down using the POWA of PNGCRUSH.


Sep. 26th, 2005

Justice League - Chaos at the Earth's Core

I don't have much to say about this episode. Although that first shot can make for a great photoshop. Or not. The sixth shot, when I watched that scene, reminded me of God of War.

Sep. 3rd, 2005

Gravion - 1

Before I start this series of reviews I'd like to get something out in the open. I was never a big fan of Masami Obari. When I was younger I would buy his OVA stuff based on the cover and then be disappointed with the actual product. Yeah, his product has always been fanservice heavy, but something was always off. I mean, he clearly likes drawing big tits and asses, but the way he draws (or used to) women is (was) kind of disturbing. He would give them really small waists and their ribs would be showing, I didn't really find it attractive. It's like someone with bulimia getting giant breast implants or something. Ugh.

And there's also the fact that I didn't enjoy Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture at all. Yeah, let's introduce some people I don't even know and make up some bullshit story about ancient armor. It sucked, and there's a REASON these people don't even make cameos in the game. In all fairness, I haven't seen the other two Fatal Fury OVA's and those actually do sound like something I'd want to watch. My biggest beef with 'Motion Picture is that I didn't see the characters fighting like they do in the game. You tell me, are the other two films worth the effort of chasing down?

So yeah, that's how I used to feel about the guy. Then in 2004 this little thing called Angel Blade was released. It became an instant classic with me. There was something familiar about it but I wasn't exactly sure why. I did some research and wouldn't you know it, fucking Obari was behind it all! After I found this out, all sins were forgiven, and I decided to give the man another chance. So I went back and downloaded Gravion (it came before Angel Blade). While I didn't enjoy Gravion as much as I enjoyed Angel Blade, it's still a solid product.

Obari has noticeably grown a lot as an artist. If anything the change in his character design only makes everything I just said correct. While his women are not realistically proportioned, at least they aren't painful to look at. They're more fleshed out, their faces are nicer, they have a waist, no skinny arms, it's a major improvement over his older character designs. I rather he draw them with a little extra jelly than draw them as little skinny twigs. I don't see him going back to his old style any time soon. His guys haven't changed much but he's always drawn them muscular anyway.

I don't want to go off into a tangent but there is a mystery surrounding the whole Angel Blade thing. The game itself clearly doesn't use his character designs. In fact the style is a bit boring, ordinary. Was he commissioned to just do the movies or was he also involved with the production of the game? I guess I never know but it doesn't make much of a difference. Gravion came first and that's when his turning point was.

Actually, if anything he's only getting BETTER. Just compare Angel Blade to Angel Blade PUNISH. Perhaps he found his niche with the porn? Well, it's clearly bringing out the best in him. No lie.

With that out of the way, let's get to the actual review!

Summary (Shamelessly copied from Anime News Network!)
The year is now 2041 AD. A new enemy called Zeravire suddenly appears in the solar system, destroying all military installations it comes across. However, a wealthy man named Klein Sandman is already aware of this planned invasion and had been secretly preparing his army for battle. His trump card is Gravion, a giant robot that utilizes gravity as its source of energy. Meanwhile a young man named Eiji secretly enters Sandman's base in search for his missing sister. It is there that he meets another young man by the name of Toga... These two must now fight together with four other individuals aboard the super robot, Gravion to fend off the Zeravire threat.

The first season of Gravion is not fanservice heavy. It's more story oriented and character driven. The second season has a lot more to offer so if you're looking for service you might as well skip this season altogether. There are some good moments, though. Just not so much in this episode. In fact, even the action is a bit flat. It's nowhere near Evangelion caliber. But then again, it's a first episode and they're obviously using it to introduce us to this world. No big deal.

After seeing so much of this guy's work, I've come to expect a few things. One of them's a shower scene and I didn't get it. Well, 25 more episodes to go I suppose. The other thing I expected was a cameo. If you have a look at the eighth screenshot, you should see the silhouette of none other than Mai Shiranui and Terry Bogard (with hat!) Even better, Mizuki shows the goods in Angel Blade PUNISH! I don't know if the character name is kept the same but who cares, right? There's also another dude that looks similar to a character from Angel Blade but I'm pretty sure Obari was just recycling his character design for AB. He's always recycling his character designs. Look at Karin Son from Gowcaizer. How many times has he reused that exact same costume? Is it supposed to be a female Son Goku or something?

And that's my review.

I am setting this precedent right now. When I review any DVD with multiple episodes, the first episode reviewed will also have a rundown of the features. Simple idea, right? This will only affect the review score if I'm reviewing the entire disk and even then if I'm reviewing an anime DVD my expectations for good extra content is low to begin with.

Anime DVD's really suck when it comes to extras. There's almost never a commentary. And even when there is, you're listening to the American voice cast and their director. BORING. Even worse is when they include interviews with the American cast and director. I say worse because these people are ugly. VERY ugly. It's not on the first disk but they do eventually do an interview segment. It's not pretty. I watch these things because I hope at the very least they include some information about the actual show. They don't. This is one of the few times where I actually envy the Japanese. I'm sure THEY get proper commentaries on their disks.

So what IS on this disk?

-Clean open/close-
Yawn. Only useful for openings with boobies in it (Godannar!) or for AMV editors.

-Design Sketches-
I've never liked these. Mostly because the clarity and fine details are always lost. They have these on the Futurama disks and you can BARELY read the notes. They need to start putting these extras on the little book sleeves. Then these sketches can really be admired. Or host a free website. But at 720x480 it just doesn't work. THE SKETCHES AREN'T EVEN DISPLAYED AT 720x480! It's in a window with the theme song playing out in the background. Ugh.

-Japanese Trailer-
I like trailers. This one is semi-interesting. Reminds me of the time I spent in Taiwan. Commercials for anime are very exciting!

-ADV Previews-

-DVD Credits-
NEAT man. Really neat. (Not!)

Final Score: *** (Average)

There was a little service in this ep (very little) so by all means have yourself a click.

Aug. 31st, 2005

500 came and went

You know the drill.


For people that don't feel like clicking the link, he's a totally NOT work safe LJ cut!Collapse )

Aug. 29th, 2005

4Kids is sooooo whack!

So I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh and once again I remember one of the (many) reasons why I HATE 4Kids. It's their music. I've said it on message boards and I don't know if I've said it here but ALL their shows sound the same! They just recycle that shit to death. And even if I was wrong about them using the same soundtracks for every show, you can't deny the very reason WHY they all sound the same. TOO MANY RISING CYMBALS. They overuse this thing. In fact, it sounds like someone in the editing room just hits a button repeatedly doing it whenever they feel the situation calls for it. And apparently it's needed every time. This guy is a fucking one-man orchestra.

Don't know what I mean? Lucky you.

I've made a short clip of Saturday's Yu-Gi-Oh. BE WARNED. Right now if you have no idea what I'm talking about you might want to keep it that way! This shit annoys the piss out of me and I usually have to stop watching a show after five minutes. If you don't want this to happen to you, don't download. Because once you identify this thing, it WON'T go away. Only download if you hate yourself.

*RISING CYMBALS OF DOOM!* (Note, instead of using my Pinnacle PCI capture card, I used a Cyberhome 1600 DVR. The quality IS better, but I don't know if it's enough to warrant the 99 dollars I spent on it.)

At about 2:06 they just start going OVERBOARD with that shit.

Aug. 27th, 2005

Baroness Fanservice

It's not much, it only happens near the end (the part where she squeezes her boobies). Hopefully this is the first of many video clips.


Try rapidshare first. If that fails go the Yousendit route.



I'm going to work now. If both links go dead let me know and I'll resend.

G.I. Joe Sigma Six - COBRA Strike

Our story begins at the North Pole. According to Duke, Cobra Commander was captured last month. That's all we learn about him in this episode. Duke goes on to talk to himself and introduce us to all the characters but I won't bore you with that. Shortly after we get to see Destro and the Baroness. Yes, there is a bit of fanservice! Not only is her face out of frame for one of the shots, she also manages to squeeze her boobs a little. It's subtle and almost goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. Good job Gonzo! You can always count on Gonzo for titty worship.

I guess I covered everything important. Not much else happens. Pretty average and I'm on the fence with this one.

I don't like the theme song at all. Typical 4kids garbage. The action? Well, there wasn't as much hand to hand combat as I would have liked. Mostly shooting stuff and watching it get blowed up good. Oh, and they still use laser rifles. Lots of missiles too. Yeah, and it seems the robots are called COBRA Bats.

No sign of Sgt. Slaughter yet. No lip synching. Speaking of which, the lines on this show are so cheesy! Towards the end of the show, Duke gets himself into a bit of a pinch. But all the drama is lost to these fucktarded cheesy lines. Then again, this show is 4kids (get it?) so maybe it's not supposed to be dramatic. Some of these lines hurt. For example after saving Duke, Scarlett says, "If it wasn't for our favorite techie, you'de be SPLATTERED all over the North Pole by now." Actually I like that like. Forget it.

I'm getting tired (and sick!) of hearing all the same Pokemon voices for these shows.

Aug. 20th, 2005

Can anyone pretty up this image?

After hitting rewind on my TiVo a few dozen times I decided to do some stitching. I don't believe Raven's ever looked more sultry. If you're wondering what happened to the BIRTHMARK, it's missing because it fades out as the camera pans up. I would love a sexy vectore trace of this or a cleanup or SOMETHING. There's about sixty of you out there keeping tabs on this journal. SURELY someone knows a thing or two about photoshop.

Click the thumbnail for the raw captured image.
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Teen Titans - Birthmark

Written By David Slack
Directed By Michael Chang

Slade tears off Raven's clothing. Giggity giggity giggity!

Oh, what was the episode about? Well, it's Raven's birthday and that means loose shit is going to fall out of the sky or something. Slade's back from hell (oops, spoiler!) and he has a message for Raven. AND THEN HE TEARS OFF HER CLOTHES. I'm sure tweens everywhere were sprouting pubes after seeing this sequence.

Aug. 16th, 2005

Harvey Birdman - Birdgirl of Guantanamole

Opening Credits
Series Created By Michael Ouweleen & Erik Richter
Based on Characters Created by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera
Written By Michael Ouweleen & Erik Richter
Produced By Evan W. Adler
Directed By Richard Ferguson-Hull

It was okay. I'm surprised at how they toned down the gay jokes. I'm pretty sure 90% of the staff for this show is legitimately gay. I'm not making fun of it (for once) I'm being serious. Especially that first season. Hell, the theme is sung with a lisp! So yeah, there's that.

Anyway, in this episode we get a new character whose name I've already forgotten. Oh wait, it's Bird Girl. I don't know if she's a permanent staple but I really like her voice. I especially like when she's making those engine revving noises.

Oh, the other thing I wanted to mention is that the animation is a lot better than it first was when they switched to flash. I still think the hand drawn stuff LOOKED better but this is punchier and I'm sure they can do more last minute tweaking of the jokes with flash. That leads to more laughs and that's always good. Though, the animation is better on the primary characters than it is on the older characters. It always looks off-model.

And that's my very informative summary of this episode.

In case you missed it:
The animation for Secret Squirrel's mouth is TERRIBLE
Sebben's fucking HALFWAY house
At the end there were nipples on Harvey's Suit

Aug. 9th, 2005

Utils does shitty music :D

YouSendIt is being a total bitch. So I'm using rapidshare today.

So yeah, I got this program, Magix Ringtone Maker. It's basically sequencing software but it only allows four tracks at a time and a lot of the features are gone. Magix makes sequencing software and they clearly repackaged it. I'm sure I could hex edit full functionality but I don't really care. It came out to $7 with my employee discount. Whatever.

So if you wants a shitty ringtone, made by me, here it is! *CLICK*

It's really really bad.

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Aug. 7th, 2005

The Powerpuff Girls - Superfriends

Opening Credits
Storyboard By Cindy Morrow, Clay Morrow
Art Direction By Don Shank
Directed By Randy Myers, Craig McCracken

It's not a Him episode (the best ones) but I was still able to enjoy it. A new girl, Robin, moves next to the girls and they become friends. And it's all good until it comes time for the girls to save the city. And then save the city again. And again. And again! This cuts into their playtime with Robin and she begins to feel a bit neglected. Princess Morebucks notices those feeling and tries to turn Robin against The Powerpuff Girls. This plan fails of course and the day is saved, etc...

Bubbles: (To Professor Utonium) This is Robin from next door.
Professor Utonium: Why hello there Robin. It's very nice to have you as our new neighbor. I'm the Professor.
Bubbles: Yeah, he made us in his laboratory by accident.
Professor Utonium: (Pause) Well, what can I say?
Robin: Don't worry Professor, I was an accident too.
Professor Utonium: (Suprised look)

Jul. 28th, 2005

Yakitate Japan - 27

In this episode we're taught how to make a Japan. SEERIASLY!

Naruto - 133

This one's a real work of art. I don't believe I've ever seen the show animated so fluidly. And granted, the characters were sorta off-model and the backgrounds weren't very detailed, but it's still something you can enjoy watching. I like this episode so much that I've burned it to DVD and use it to test DVD players at work.

Jul. 26th, 2005


The poop: @bout , console hack , Last Review , Ratings System , Tags , Watch list

Click here to learn a little more abot me...Or not. It might be my profile but I don't really feel like sharing all that much.

console hack
This is what I used to do before I got into the whole anime blogging thing. For years I had websites about hacking videogames and consoles. This site holds a small portion of the information and files I've collected over time. I've recently gotten back into this hobby so if I do anything worth boasting you'll be sure to hear about it.

Last Review
Yeah, as I write this I've only reviewed ONE thing. But if I ever review anything ever again, this little section will get updated. The [+] and [#] convey exactly the same thing as the Watch List.

Ratings System
After thinking LONG and HARD about this, here is how I will handle DVD reviews. American stuff and Japanese stuff will have to be handled different. When we get a show over here, it's split up between 3-4 DVD's. The distributors try to milk as much money from these shows as possible. Usually that's all they can do. Licensing these properties into other merchandise is a big risk unless it's something popular like Ghost in the Shell or Dragonball.

American shows are different. Most of the time, these shows get released in season sets. Sometime you might even get multiple seasons for around the same price of a single season of another show. Usually depends on how long these episodes ran and how many there were. Older shows seem to do this more. And that's odd because if anything older shows ran longer!

Here's what it boils down to. DVD released in season sets will get a single overall rating. Anime DVD's with 3-5 episodes in them will get rated per episode. Why?

Okay, let's say I just finished reviewing all the episodes from the first volume of Love Hina. Let's say there are five episodes on that disk. One episode gets five stars and the rest get two. So now the decision is yours to make. Clearly the disk is great for having that one episode, but with all the other episodes not making the cut, is it worth it for you to spend the money? That's not my decision to make. Anime DVD's a lot money. Well, when compared to season sets they are.

With season sets before even reading the review you probably already know if you're going to buy it or not. You were probably already a fan of the show. I figure people that read those reviews either want to read my opinion or actually are looking for purchasing advice. And in the latter case, they probably just want to read about what's included on the disk and if it's worth buying for the features. I'm the kind of geek that won't buy a season of a show unless AT THE VERY LEAST there's a commentary for every episode. Or at least half of them. Otherwise, I can just catch the show in re-runs. Right?

So yeah, there's also the review system itself.

I rate STUFF on a five point scale. I think it's the most effective way. Even 4 point scales have their merits. Ten point rating scales come off as arbitrary. Like the reviewer pulled the number out of a hat. Why all the fine tuning? Tell me, what's the (vans) difference between a 6.5 and a 7? Rare, but even worse is when a reviewer uses all the numbers in between in their 10 point scale. Then (technically) it's a fucking 1000 point scale. Yeah, good job, you gave that game/move a 6.32. THAT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE. I think I saw Judgement Day do this but I only saw the show once. I could be remembering it wrong. But those rating DID feel arbitrary like I said. It's like they were bullshitting, man!

Five point scales are great though. NO FUCKING DECIMALS, just raw numbers. Why is it great? Because there's no confusion. NONE. Nothing to analyze. If the disk get between four and five stars, I clearly enjoyed it. Zero and two stars, you might want to stay away. Three stars? Not bad but not supa excellent either. Something to think about. It's very simple. Hell, you can even pull this off with a four star system.

And I know, it's not all about the points alone. But not everybody else knows that. That's why I gave this a lot of thought.

Also, ratings will be context sensitive. I WILL rate these shows for different reasons. So you can't really do a side-by-side comparison and be like "But you gave THAT show a four!" If the focus of the show is on fanservice I'll rate accordingly, same with violence.


Here's a list of the tags used on this page and their meanings.

ass This means there might be a gratuitous booty shot or two in this episode.

boobs As with the ass tag, the keyword here is gratuitous. Think, Eiken Club.

ch This journal is split two ways. The first part of the journal deals with my anime fandom. The second part has to do with videogames and videogame hacks/exploits. Threads tagged with ch are all about the latter. Especially the hacking and exploits.

classic Old school anime. Or even remakes of old school anime.

comedy Obviously stuff that's funny or part of the comedy genre.

cute Either there's a character that looks cute in this or a character does something in a cute way. Yeah, this tag is stupid, I know.

dl Entries tagged with this contain downloadable content.

ecchi Japanese for 'indecent sexuality'. Contains sexual humor. Sometimes that humor is mild, sometimes it's very suggestive. Ecchi and fanservice don't go hand in hand and that's why they each have their own tag.

fanservice Ass 'n' titties bouncing, wobbling, and squeezing all over the place. It can also mean something happens in this episode that fans didn't expect but really really wanted to happen. A good example of this would be episode 135 of Naruto. I consider this episode to have fanservice because there's so little of it on the show to begin with. VERY little. So when they show us a little leg or zoom in on the boobies, the fans are happy. This tag could also mean seeing more of a character's flesh. Like this and this and this. Also, a fanservice centric episode won't necesseseraily have any ecchiness to it. Wikipedia has an excellent entry on the word.

fantasy Magical girls, monsters, ghosts and angels. If it has any of those, it's in the fantasy category.


hentai Toon poon! Anytime I talk about hentai it gets this tag. Don't confuse this with cartoon nudity. I only use this tag for pornographic material. Also, in Genshiken they spoke of hentai so I used the tag for those episodes.


mecha Giant robots, transformations, and mobile suits.


sci-fi Space, robots, ufo's and techno-babble. While there is a seprate tag for mecha, it's only because not all mecha shows have sci-fi in them. And hey, not all sci-fi shows have mecha!


shojo Japanese for 'young lady' or 'little girl', refers to anime or manga targeted at girls. Examples include Uta Kata and Mai HiME. Of course, both those shows have crossover appeal but that's not the point!

shonen Japanese for 'boys', refers to anime or manga targeted at boys. Like Naruto and Bleach.


tivo This is a MUST SEE episode. Either that or the episode has a MUST SEE sequence. Or, it might mean that I really liked the animation of that episode. Whatever the case, when you see the tivo tag, be sure to get yourself a copy because it's really worth it.

usa I use this tag for American cartoons. I don't have a specifica tag for Japanese shows since those far outnumber all my other entries.

Watch List
This is a list of anime and shows that I'm currently watching and doing summaries for. These are shows I intend to cover from start to finish. If a show isn't on this list then don't expect me to cover it sequentially, or at all. If there is a [+] symbol next to the show it means that link will lead you to where you can download the show. If there is a [#] symbol, it means the show is licensed and will lead to an Anime News Network link.

Jul. 23rd, 2005

God of War - More places to use the Dairy Bastard exploit

If you're not familiar with the dairy bastard exploit then look here.

The Road to Athens
On you're first visit here you'll inevitably get locked in a room where you have to turn a Minotaur to stone in order to progress. In this room the Minotaurs never stop regenerating. This is the perfect place to use the exploit. At this point I'm hoping you have a LV.3 Poseidon's Rage because that makes things go a lot faster. While LV.3 was a problem in the first example, it's fine to do it here. I was using it for a good 10 minutes and the game never glitched. This is probably because the room is bigger. Also, be sure to tap on the circle button for faster kills. If you do it right you'll be racking up red orbs faster in this area than with Medusa.

Desert of Lost Souls
By now it should be obvious where to use this exploit but here's another example in case it's not. Okay, in this section you have to find three Sirens and snap their necks or whatever. This means you have to engage in a minigame or else they won't die. Even better, they have two respawning Minotaurs gaurding them. Use this to your advantage and score high on the combo meter. Your weapon of choice will of course be a LV.3 Poseidon's Rage.

By doing this you should at least have everything powered up to MAX by the time you start Pandora's Temple. I mean, the chests in this game are very obviously hidden so it's not like red orbs are hard to get. Some are cleverly hidden. For example, there are a few locations @ The Road to Athens where destroying a box would be a major no-no. Yeah, you get a single red orb, but if you were to jump on the box to get on top of the roof, you would find a red chest!

Finding chests has a lot to do with exploring areas that the camera obviously doesn't want you to see. I'm not being a showoff but it's really obvious when they're hiding something. It might lead to you falling to your death a few times but with so many checkpoints it's not even a major issue.

I probably play this game way too much.
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Jul. 20th, 2005

Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan - 1-2

( Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan A.K.A. Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan )

Another nonsense comedy from Japan. Did you watch Elfen Lied? Neither did I, but I've seen vidcaps of it. Gore, fanservice and comedy. A winning combination.

Dokuro-chan likes beating the shit out of her roommate Sakura. Yeah, HIS name is Sakura. She beats him with a spiked club. IT'S name is Excalibolg according to my fansub. They could be wrong. She just showed up at his house one day. She gets her jollies by clubbing him to death and then using her angel powers to put him back together.

In some shots you can see she's in a school uniform. Now, one would assume this is one of those shows where the magical character hides theirs powers and identity. Not Dokuro-chan. She tells all her secrets and uses her powers with reckless abandon. And I do mean reckless. She even turns one of Sakura's classmates into a chimp!

At school he's confronted by another angel, Sabato. She's from the future and she's been sent to kill Sakura-chan. Why? In the future he somehow finds the secret to eternal youth. This sort of backfires and all the women from the future look no older than twelve. It's like loli planet! Saboto believes the only way to change such a future is to kill Sakura-chan. Dokuro-chan believes differently and wants to save him while also changing the future.

You would think that all they have to do is TELL him to not invent the thing but I guess it's not that simple.

I made a clip reel of all the fanservice segments. You'll notice I tacked on the words "[MY STADY]" to the filename. I'm going to do this for all the videos and whatever else I upload from now on. Why? Because I'm not one of those asshole that like to put watermarks on shit. ESPECIALLY since I didn't encode the original file. You have [TRIAD] to thank for that. I mean, you know those jerks that make animated GIFs and are all like "You need my permission to use this!" Man, fuck those guys. If you deserve recognition you'll get it.

Why does everyone try so hard to be e-famous?

So yeah, my videos from now on will have [MY STADY] on the front and if the files get distributed and people find their way here, jawsome. If not, life goes on.

YouSendIt Link. (31MB)

EDIT: HA! YouSendIt renamed the file. Probably because I tried two times to upload it. Whatever, I don't care.

Jul. 19th, 2005

God of War - Get lots of red orbs early

New section here. Like I said before I've made console hack a part of my journal now. Granted, this isn't much of a hack, it's just a clever exploit. It's still worth mentioning, I feel.

Okay, so first you have to finish Challenge of the Gods. By doing so you unlock new costumes for Kratos. Choose a new game and the Dairy Bastard costume. Doing so gives you unlimited magic. This is part of the exploit.

Alright, eventually you'll get to the point where you have to fight Medusa to earn Medusa's Gaze. It's pretty obvious what area I'm talking about, right? Well, in this part of the game, they FORCE you to finish her off with the minigame. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Since she won't die from regular attacks, spam her with hits and raise your combo count. The higher it gets, the more red orbs you are awarded. Getting 1000+ hits will net you 1490 points. Don't bother going past 1000 since you no longer get orbs after that.

I found that trapping the bitch in the corner and spamming her with LV.2 Poseidon's Rage is the best way to go. Your total goes up faster, and if you have a turbo controller (I don't) you can tape the button down and do something else.

Don't get greedy! This game has a few bugs in it and doing this exploit for too long might trigger one. I found two bugs in this section. The first is sometimes Medusa dies. The other bug is if you use a LV.3 Poseidon's Rage, you risk knocking the bitch through the next room. Both of these bugs suck because you have to play the minigame to advance and now you can't since Medusa is gone!

I made a video of this exploit. YouSendIt Link (34MB)
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Jul. 17th, 2005

Family Guy - 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter

Opening Credits
Written By Patrick Meighan
Co-Producers Alex Borstein, Mike Henry, Patrick Henry, Steve Callaghan, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild
Co-Executive Producers Danny Smith
Consulting Producer Mark Hentemann
Producer By Kara Vallow
Executive Producers Seth MacFarlane, David A. Goodman, Chris Sheridan
Supervising Producer Michael Rowe
Directed By Greg Colton
Music By Ron Jones

Not as funny as other episodes but it did have its moments. I really liked the vomit gag. But I was only able to laugh at it on the first viewing. What's up with that?

Here's a clip of Brian at the bowling alley. YouSendIt Link (6 MB)

Jul. 15th, 2005

Elimidate Clip - 001

I watch a lot of TV. This show can be pretty funny sometimes. Just watch as these two girls start having at each other. It gets funnier when the fat one can't think of a comeback. Hahaha.

That humming noise you hear is a problem I figured out how to solve so the next clip won't have it.

YouSendIt Link. (22MB)
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I totally suck at drawing!

The picture was too big and fucking up layouts. Click here to see it.Collapse )
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Jul. 6th, 2005

Mai HiME - 19

At this point all I'm doing is posting screenshots without any actual information about the episodes.

I'm so ashamed.

The Venture Brothers - A Very Venture Christmas

Hank calling the Santa Claus hotline hit really close to home because I used to call those stupid phone numbers ALL THE TIME. My poor mother got the phone bill, made me choose a switch, and that was the end of that!

Yakitate Japan - 26

So yeah, for some reason I can't access my Road Runner account. It's probably for the best. I'll be using the MY STADY Photo Hut for picture storage from now on. The process involves using picjoiner to assemble the vidcaps as a single image. It takes a little longer but whatever.

Jun. 24th, 2005

Kingdome Hearts, a bit of the buyer's remorse.

Man. Whenever I looked at screenshots and articles on Kindom Hearts it looked like one of the few PS2 games to tap into the GPU. And then I started playing it. Man, what's going on? The textures are horrible! I can't really say the last time I saw textures this bad. If you look closely at anything it gets all pixelated and blurry and ugly. This is ruining the immersion for me. It's like they're using PS1 era textures or something.

The MODELS on the other hand look great. And that's thanks mostly to gourad shading. They really have a knack for modeling Disney characters and making them come to life. BUT THE TEXTURES. GAWD. This game is seriously hurting my face. I'm trying to ignore it but then something gets zoomed in on and I'm reminded of it.

And then there's the aliasing.
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Jun. 22nd, 2005

The Venture Brothers - Midlife Chrysalis

I remember getting a huge boner and then laughing so hard it hurt the first time I saw the episode. Fucking Monarch, what will we ever do with you? And Hank playing with Grandpa's catchers mitt? FUCK.

When it comes to limited animation this show really shines. Unless you're really paying attention, you won't really notice the tricks they used to do this show on the cheap. And while it lends a certain aesthetic, I think some episodes may have suffered a little for it. Like when the gang was down in Tijuana and Brock was fighting. A lot of it looked Southpark-ish. It doesn't really matter since the show has genius writing. I would just like to see what they can do on a bigger budget.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, pay attention when someone tilts their head or when they walk, The shape of the body never changes, it's just shifted around. Vectorized.

This line totally fuckstarted my face:
Doctor Venture: Oh you're back! You didn't miss much. Oh one of them was dressed like a cheerleader and said she was 19 but she had a Caesarian scar and her face had more lines on it than a mirror at Studio 54.

Jun. 21st, 2005

Ebichu - 23-24

It is the last episode but I wouldn't exactly call it an ending.

Jun. 20th, 2005

The Simpsons - Home Away From Homer

The credits list is longer than the recap!Collapse )

I thought this was a funny episode. Like I said before, for a while I sort of ignored this show because it just wasn't that funny anymore. Some people think it was after Maud (hilariously) died. Who's to say? It's good to see The Simpsons are back to being funny.

With business at the Leftorium not doing so well, Flanders decides to rent out a room. Unknown to him, the girls he rents the room to are using it to film themselves for a softcore porn site. Word spreads around Springfield about this and he's the last one to learn about it. He soon moves and it tears Homer apart.

This episode is great and I love those Ned-isms. LOVES THEM.

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Jun. 18th, 2005

Utils is in heaven now

I just got contra for the PS2. Oh man, I'm totally jerking my dick to this! Only five lives, the game puts you back at the beginning when you lose them all! ONE HIT DEATHS! KILL PERCENTAGE! WAVES OF ENEMIES> BULLETS ALL OVER THE PLACE!

I thought Alien Hommind was fun but now I realize AH was only an appetizer. I look forward to one-crediting this game. *rubs hands together*

I TOLD YOU. ALL MY SKILLS WILL BE TESTED. I never one-credited AH but I got really close to it. I memorized most of the patterns.

If someone told me there were difficult games like this that punished you for losing and didn't give you a break I would have gotten a PS2 a long time ago. Somewhere along the line I got the impression that 3D games were soft.

Any other difficult games out there?
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Jun. 17th, 2005

Memories and keyword usage.

I'm going to use this system to make it easier for you guys to go back and read my older shit. For example, if you click on my memories link, you'll (eventually) see all the different shows I've done summaries for. This way, neither of us has to click through the archive and search for older entries. Also, it helps if you have a collection and are trying to remember what happened in any certain episode. I've ALWAYS intended for this to be an intuitive guide and I've taken things one step closer to that. It's a little bit like tvtome used to be.

This thing is a lot simpler. Keywords will be based on episode content. Unfortunately, I found that when tagging older episodes I didn't remember every single thing that happened. So older episodes probably won't be as accurate. Newer episode will be accurate, of course, for obvious reasons. Originally I was also going to use keywords for writers credits. Once again, to mimic tvtome. But this doesn't pan out because I noticed the writing credits don't really cross reference each other. So those keywords would be wasted on single shows.

I was also going to use show names as keywords, like Naruto. The positive is that you can bring up the last 100 Naruto episodes with a single click and on a single page. With the memory system this isn't possible. You have to click on the link for each individual episode. The negative is a wasted keyword. Also, I've covered a LOT of different shows. It doesn't make sense to have a single unique keyword for each one. By just using context based keywords, you also bring up other shows. For example, if you've been ignoring another show I was covering but were interested in Naruto, but then clicked on a keyword from a Naruto episode and it also brings up the show you were ignoring, you might find out you like it!

Finally, I might include ratings as part of the keywords. I'm not sure yet. I've gotten requests for ratings. We'll see.

I haven't finished yet but I've already updated my first three months of entries with this system. I'll probably be finished in a week or so if I do one month a day.

In anything, the amount of time and effort I'm spending on this should reassure you that I have NO plans to quit doing this. Things have gotten a little slow but when I look around so have the other anime blogs. I suppose this is my pace, once or twice a week. I don't think it's so bad. I need to go back to those detailed summaries though. That's an area where I'm just being lazy.

Or not. Sometimes when I check an anime blog and see a thesis for a single episode of a show my eyelids get heavy. But those blogs have their audience too because those entries do get positive comments. You can see blogs like that in the links, by the way.

EDIT: Once I'm finished with all this I'll have to do another layout change. Probably with a link on the top with all the keywords and a memories link. Got to be intuitive.

Jun. 14th, 2005

Mai HiME - 18

It's always fun until someone loses an eye.

Naruto - 129, 130, 131

Episode 129
I'm probably going to skip passed these chapters when Viz eventually translates them. Cuz, man, SO BORING.

Episode 130
He's got his father's eyes. GET IT? SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Episode 131

Yakitate Japan - 25


Speed Grapher - 3, 4

Episode 3
So check this out, anyone that makes out with this female gets their deep dark wishes granted. So now this guy is able to kill people from just taking their picture. That means this sick fuck has always wanted to kill people with his camera. He's in denial about it, though. Also, when she grants these desires, she goes into a trance and can't remember shit when she recovers. EXCEPT FOR NOW.

Episode 4
The Psycho Mantis guy is killed by the Speed Grapher guy. But it's okay because the girl is rescued. Yeah, I can't be bothered to learn their names anymore.

Jun. 12th, 2005

400 (Belated by 1 post, so technically, 401)

(Soon to be broken promises go here)
Vavoom!Collapse )
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Jun. 11th, 2005

Space Ghost Manga!!!!!!!!

I just finished scanning it. Enjoy!
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Naruto - 127-128

It's only a matter of weeks before you see this on Toonami. Excited? Bitter?

Jun. 8th, 2005

Sergeant Keroro - 7

Soldats? More like SLOWdats! And you thought I was slow? AND YOU THOUGHT UTILS WAS SLOW?

Lookie here, they started subbing this show OVER A YEAR AGO and are only up to episode 7!! I'm not complaining though. After all, beggars can't be choosers. Right? (Right!?) But c'mon!

Ultimate Girls - 4


Yakitate Japan - 23-24

The finals.

You'll never guess who wins!

Jun. 3rd, 2005

Another Defacement

Another DefacementNot as creative. Grand Avenue stop.
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Poor George

Poor GeorgeI love this shit. I snapped this photo at the Grand Avenue stop. There's some grate defacement there.

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Jun. 2nd, 2005

Red Robot Sighting

Red Robot - 1 Red Robot - 1

Sighted on Union Turnpike near St. Nicholas Grade School

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May. 28th, 2005

So why do I feel so guilty?

I've decided to get a PS2. I feel like I'm abandoning my Dreamcast somehow by doing this. I can't really explain it. I feel really bad. But I HAVE to! I've beaten all my games. Time to move on!

*heavy sigh*

So here's what I'm getting. The console, Katamari, Rumble Roses, God of War. And after I beat those, probably Kingdom Hearts. After that I don't know.

GAWD. The Dreamcast is thinking...hateful things at me right now. I can't even imagine how I'll put it in the closet. My Dreamcast has never been in there! Maybe I should let the Dreamcast and PS2 familiarize each other before I do that. Right?

Oh God, I'm going to be sick!

Pulling out that power cord is going to take all my strength and courage.
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Remember how last time I mentioned how I hate the navbar? Still do.


Popotan and Ikkitousen finished. Lupin III: Return of Pycal donated by
Shahriyar, R.O.D. TV pics donated by VenerableEvil, more Edits from

No link to R.O.D. since webmaster forgot to link to them! And the ecchi edits thing I don't care for.

May. 27th, 2005

Space Ghost Manga Preview!

Here's yet another scan. I'll probably scan the whole thing before the weekend is over. Like, Saturday evening or something. I mean, I have all that space in the Photo Hut. Why not?

I also have that Neo Geo Gals manga that needs to be scanned. But manga scanning is a lot harder. We'll see.

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